Thursday, June 14, 2012

So I've been horrible about keeping this blog updated, but hopefully this will give a few pics to show what we've been up to. 

Christmas was great! Nick got a Buzz Lightyear that he loves, and Benny got a "shoot the ball" (basketball hoop). It was really fun to see Nick get so excited about everything!

Benny turned 1 in March! I can't believe how big he is! We spent the day at the ball fields and celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa Randall and some of the other Randall family. He didn't touch much of his cake, just bits and pieces. He is such a sweet little boy, and has a BIG mischievous streak! 

We also found out in March that we are expecting a little girl! We are so thrilled! We'll see if we can switch modes from boy to girl. I'm due August 7th!

So here's Nick with all the things he has to sleep with EVERYNIGHT! If you can't tell some of them are: Elmo, More Elmo, Teddy, bear, a drink, Buzz, Little Buzz, Woody, Yee-haw, Big Queen (Lightning McQueen), Little Queen, and Mater. It's quite the process making sure none of them get lost during the day!

Ben seems to randomly fall asleep places.  This one is my favorite. Notice the tennis ball and marker tightly held on to!

Enoch had a fundraiser and had a helicopter come so we had to go see it! Funny Nick wouldn't even go in it though-even though he LOVES them. We also got to see a fire truck, and an ambulance, but the highlight of the day for the boys was the park and swings that were there. 

Ben recently has liked to put on the spiderman costume. As you can see it's too big, but it makes him look so cute!

One of Nick's favorite things to do is to take everything off the table, move the chairs, and pull his trains around the table.  

We went fishing with cousins on free fishing day, and guess what! Nick caught and reeled in a fish all by himself! I had Ben, and Rob went to go grab more bait, and by the time he got back, Nick had a fish! It was only a couple inches long as you can see, but I was impressed.  

Nick turned 3 a few weeks ago, and ever since he saw a video of his Elmo cake from last year, he's wanted 3 cakes, an Elmo cake, a Thomas the Train cake, and a tracks (train tracks) cake. So we did 2 of the 3. I have to say I was pretty impressed with myself. I made the whole thing from scratch. I even made homemade fondant! Nick absolutely loved it and had to show it off to anyone who came over! He's getting so big! I can't believe he's already 3. He is my sweet little boy and big helper!


  1. Great job on the cake! and the update, I think mine was too wordy! Thanks for the chat last night, hope to see you soon!

  2. Really fun photos. And agree with Stephanie on the cake!!