Thursday, March 4, 2010

Catch up!

So I know, it's been FOREVER!  I know I can't possibly put all the cute things that Nick has done in the last 3 months on here, but I can put some!  So here's how our holidays went, and how things are now!
This is us at Thanksgiving.

Nick's gingerbread house!  Okay, mom helped!

Nick did really well with Santa! 
He just kind of starred for a minute,
and then looked around.

Nick Christmas morning with his new bathtub toys!
He absolutely loves them!

Christmas paper!  Nick's favorite!

Nick and Dad watching football!

Nick's first haircut.  He did really well until Rob
tried to cut by his neck.  He really didn't like that!

Nick at 8 months old.
He turned 9 months 2 days ago,
but I haven't put those pics on the computer yet,
so this will have to do.

Hope everyone is great.  We sure have had a great couple months!