Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Halloween

So I know, it's been almost a week but hey better late than never!  Nick had a great first halloween, although he got tired and went to bed about 7, but it was fun to have him dressed up and show him off. 

Here's us carving pumpkins. Nick didn't see the finished products until the next day because we started too late and he got tired.  So, here he is with them right before he went to bed.

Rob and I with our pumpkins. 
Mine on the left, Nick's on the right,
and Rob's in the back.

For Halloween Nick was a devil. 
Surprisingly he kept the hat on most of the time too!

I think this is a definitely a little devil face!

Nick got another pumpkin from my visiting teachers
and he loved it!

I love this picture!  He has such an innocent look on his face!

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