Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Rice Cereal

The other night Nick was STARVING!  So we decided to try rice cereal.  He didn't get much down his throat, but he seemed to really like it (or at least he liked having something in his mouth).

Nick's first bite!

He can'te quite decide what to think yet!

Now he's getting the hang of it!

Doesn't he look cute with his face covered!


  1. Yay! You have a blog! What a cutie you have!
    Email me your blogger email address so I can add you to my blog.

  2. I'm glad you now have a blog! It was so good to see and visit with you a couple of weeks ago.


  3. Whoa! What a cutie! I think he looks a lot like his cousin Cecily. Glad for the blog to check in on your guys! :) Shauna

  4. You have such a cute family! Nick is adorable - Congratulations! It is good to hear that you are doing well. Feel free to check out our blog too - it is

  5. Hey Sara! It is so fun to see your little family! I feel like I haven't seen you forever! Glad to see things are going so well for you guys! Keep in touch!

  6. What a sweet family. I'm glad you got a blog, I love seeing pictures. We have a blog at Keep in touch.74